Monday, October 10, 2011

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'Some kind of kick' (LP) OUT NOW!!!

The Things
Album: 'Some kind of kick'
Label: Nicotine Records

Buy it now!
CD -

12" Vinyl -

Itunes -

Or Direct from the band -

Available in the UK from Cargo Records.

Some kind words said about the rekid!!!

Lindsay Hutton (Next Big Thing)

Phil Udell (State Magazine)

194 Bar Magazine


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bit'o'News! Single / Album

Its been a quite few weeks for us on the blog front of things as we've been concentrating on getting our album ready for release. So i'm just sticking this up to catch up on some stuff from the past while..

We had a cool show at the Electric Picnic back in September ago along with trendy bastard show in Urban Outfitters the week before EP.

We have recently just got word that our albums are ready and on their way to Dublin. As for a release date we'll be holding off until the end of January before we do an official launch show for the record here in Dublin but in the mean while it will be available from some select record stores.

The album which is titled "Some kind of kick" will be available from Nicotine Records/Torpedo Ride Records (EU) and download from . SKK will feature the following tracks.

Moving On
Crash and Burn
Some kind of kick
Set me free
make her cry
I can't feel
Outrun the law
Hold me down
Psycho Lover
Demon Stomp
Salute the sun
Sandy tells me

Before the album we'll be releasing 'Set me free' as a download single. It will also be available on limited edition CD from our myspace for only €3 with free postage & packaging!!!!


Monday, March 31, 2008

Record Launch

Last weekend saw the release of our latest EP 'Tiger'. You can pick up the limited edition 7" vinyl from all good record stores, direct from our myspace (all copies bought direct from our myspace come with a free CD!) or if you simpley just wanna download it you now can from itunes at the link below. The record is also being distributed in the UK via Cargo Records.
Here are some of the kind words said about the new record...

Irish Times
"They rose from the mire of Dublin city, juiced up on The Stooges, The Cramps, B-movie horror and (well, probably) the blood of young virgins. Dunno if its the sabre-toothed type, The Celtic type or the golfing type but this tiger sure can scratch" Kevin Courtney. The Ticket Fri 14.03.08

Hotpress Magazine
Tiger EP - The Things have just released a sublime taster for their forthcoming album in the form of the delicious three track Tiger EP on Psycho Sound Records. Neilo and the boys are on Top form as usual. Feast your ears on these raw garage rock gems pronto. - Hotpress Magazine

Next Big Thing - Lindsay Hutton
If you recall, last time we caught up with these Dublin kids there was a pretty high Cramped factor going on. I’m pleased to report that they’re really beginning to develop and fill out. This one is conjuring up aspects of Pere Ubu and The Jet Black Berries to arrive at a more keyboard driven deconstruction of the rock form. The vocals are definitely bound for Crocus Behemoth-era David Thomas. I wonder if they’re familiar with Rocket From The Tombs? Anyway, grab the limited edition 7†while you can because that’s the way to experience their fumes for sure. - Jason Golden
Tiger is a tantalizing glimpse of the upcoming full-length album due later in the year.

State Magazine
The title track is a ripper, a rock ‘n’ roll garage behemoth shredding your ears with glorious technicolour noise.

We'd like to thank Tony and all the boys at Cashmeremedia for putting together this video for the Ep's title track 'Tiger'

Also we are so fucking nice that we are gonna give yet another track away for free this week! Click on the link below to download 'Lungs'.

Lungs -


Monday, March 10, 2008

Ich bin ein Berliner!

Just back in the land we call home today, seriously feelin the burn from 5 days in Berlin. We hit Berlin last Wednesday for a spot of recording. Myself and Ruairi got over first and we were followed by Neilo and Vinny on Thursday.

After staying awake for 24hours before arriving in Berlin it would be safe to say that we were pretty bolloxed! We did manage to get a spot of record shopping done at Wowsville Records. (seriously recommend checking this place out!)

After a day of walking around Berlin with no sleep we were in much need of an afternoon snooze before our plans to check out the new studio. We were lucky enough to not only have Shaun from Humanzi help produce the recordings but he was nice enough to have 4 messy cunts like us stay in his modestly sized apartment. Only problem was, he didn't know his own address! So when myself and Ruairi went looking for it alone it turned out to be a disaster. We gave up hope soon enough and settled for a beach bar with sand instead of floorboards. It was like something from a fucking Wham video. The 80's porn star looking barmaid was pumping out music to match with the likes of Wet Wet Wet and Men at Work. There was also two dodgy lookin German guys counting large amounts of cash in the corner, who didn't seem to like my exhausted lenghty stares. Lucky enough those closest to Shaun no how good of a memory he has so when Brian called to give us the right address we were saved! But by this time it was to late to sleep so we just grabbed some more beers and headed straight for the studio.

The studio was situated in this really old radio station in East Berlin, the buildings surrounding the studio are like those of the power plant from the Simpsons, except darker!. The studio itself is inside this massive building that from the inside is like an abandoned mental institute, scary stuff! 'well to me anyways'!

Thursday started off pretty bad. We were due to start recording at 10.30am but with the previous nights heavy drinking we both only got out of bed around 12. This was bad news indeed as we were meant to collect an organ from Rudi of the Fuzztones at 11. So with sore heads we proceeded to try get the day back on track. We finally got to the studio around 3.30pm with no organ as we had missed Rudi, he was gone to work, not a good start! We eventually got up and running and to our delight everything went fantastically well! We got the backing tracks to all 5 songs down that day. It was a nice atmosphere in the studio, especially with everyone contributing as a team effort. Brian Gallagher was a major help on drums. Our engineer Fabien was great to work with, considering that he was well able to handle a drunk Neilo showing him his penis a mere 4 hours in and referring to him as a French cunt, (in the nice way!).

We had the same situation the following day with a 3pm hangover start to the day but yet again we got all the work done, we were finished all 5 tracks by midnight, well except for the organ. Lucky enough after some myspace posting Razi from the Assassinations came to the rescue with a nice Eko Tiger organ. So by 6pm on Saturday we were finished, leaving us plenty of time to drink more beers and wreck Fabiens head.

The songs recorded in Berlin will feature on our album along with another release we have planned before the summer.

Also, before heading to Berlin we made some live home demos of the tracks we intended to record. Here is one of those tracks for ya'll to download, for free!

Moving on -


Friday, February 29, 2008

The Things new blog page!

Ah so The Things now have a blog page! We plan to use this space to bring you the latest news along with lots of free music for ya'll to download. Over the past few years we have recorded a lot of live demos, most of which have never seen the light of day so we now wanna start bringing those songs to life.